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Overview of Interstate Professional Group Inc.


Company Name Interstate Professional Group, Inc.
DUNS 0-3405-7617
Phone (817) 861-9789
URL www.ipginc.biz
Business Size Less than $7MM in revenue
NAICS Codes 531311, 23561, 23599, 531320, 531390, 541310, 541350, 541513, 541618, 561720, 561730, 561790, 561990, 611710, 813910, 921190, 926150
SIC Codes 0782, 1761, 6531, 7349, 7389, 8611, 8748, 8744, 9512, 9531, 9651


  • Property Preservation
  • Multi-Family Construction Inspections
  • Single Family Property Inspection
  • Rent Comparability Study
  • Appraisal Review


  • Woman Owned Small Business
  • Small Disadvantaged Business
  • Minority Owned Business
  • SBA 8(a) Graduate
  • SBA HUB Zone


  • Central Contractor
  • System for Award Management


Interstate Professional Group Inc. (IPG) is an M/WBE women owned business established in 1996 by its current President, Kaylyn Scott Williams. IPG currently operates as a prime contractor in over 75% of the U.S. providing property preservation, multifamily construction inspections, and rent comparability studies for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and as a subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). IPG’s Executive Management Team has over 43 years of direct experience with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other Federal Agencies.

Since our inception in 1996, 90% of our primary experience and client base has been HUD, although we have worked with other federal agencies. We currently operate as a successful contractor in over 75% of the U.S., providing rent comparability studies, property preservation services, single family quality control inspections, multifamily construction inspections, and appraisal reviews for clients including HUD and the U.S. Corps of Engineers, and as a subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since 1996, we have been committed to assisting the U.S. Government in creating a strong, sustainable, real estate economy by performing rent appraisal comparability studies, protecting, and preserving residential properties and inspecting commercial real estate, leveraging staff and management teams who operate with ethics, honesty, and perseverance. Of particular note is our executive management team, possessing over 60 years of direct experience with HUD and other federal agencies.


We couple our project management approach to daily operations with a strong contract management/administration methodology and quality control/assurance program focused on clear, frequent communication, a commitment to continual improvement and error reduction, and consistently striving to achieve high performance ratings. We provide the following services:

Property Preservation

As a national Property Preservation (PP) firm, our performance has provided our clients (Vendor Resources Management and the Department of Veterans Affairs) with the ability to assign difficult assets to our inventory knowing that we have the expertise to perform when other firms are not able to follow-through with their contract requirements.

Our PP services are inclusive of the following: supply all necessary equipment/supplies to complete property preservation services; perform initial inspections to confirm property condition/photos; winterization; initial trash-out and cleaning/mowing/safety/smoke detectors/photos/etc.; repair/replace missing or broken cover plates; cap and tape exposed wires; repair flooring trip hazards ; cap all open gas lines with code approved caps; secure or remove loose electrical fixtures; insert blank covers where breakers are missing; remove broken window glass and board/replace window; remove tack strips when carpet has been removed; paint over graffiti with Kilz; clean and treat mold with a solution of bleach and water; safety and security repairs; routine services – cleaning/mowing/hazards/etc.; any other property preservations services as deemed necessary.

Rent Comparability Studies

IPG provides RCS services for HUD properties that have been entered into Section 8 subsidy contracts with HUD. The Section 8 Renewal Policy Guidebook “Guidance for the Renewal of Project-Based Section 8 Contracts, “states that Section 8 contract renewals are authorized under tow provisions MAHRA, an owner is required to submit a RCS prepared by a state certified General Appraiser to initially determine eligibility. HUD separately obtains a RCS developed by a certified General Appraiser and will use that study to verify the accuracy of the owner’s comparability study and to determine ultimate eligibility.

IPG prepares HUD’s rent comparability studies in accordance with Chapter 9 RCS in the Section 8 Renewal Policy guidebook. IPG provides all personnel, material, supplies, equipment, transportation, and facilities necessary to provide the services required. All Appraisers are licensed as a Certified General Appraiser in good standing in the state where the subject property is located. The appraisers are active in performing RCSs or multifamily appraisals, meet USPAP competency requirements, and have knowledge of the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guidebook.

Multifamily Construction Inspections

HUD provides funding for or insures financing of the construction of new multifamily projects or the repair or rehabilitation of existing multifamily projects. HUD is required to perform periodic property inspections of these projects throughout the entire construction and/or rehabilitation phase and during the warranty periods. Also, HUD is required to assist other parties (owner, sponsor, builder, supervisor architect, mortgage companies, etc.) in utilizing HUD forms and procedures relative to the construction phase of project development.

IPG is a prime contractor acting as HUD’s representative, conducting MFCI and performing various construction inspection tasks. Inspections are made to evaluate the builder’s and supervisory architect’s performance, to obtain construction in accordance with the construction contract documents, and to report on conformance with prevailing wages (when applicable) and other construction contract requirements. For HUD construction inspection tasks, IPG serves as HUD’s representative for HUD forms, procedures, and other related tasks. IPG provides HUD with the field/site data necessary to make informed decisions regarding the construction phase of the HUD multifamily mortgage insurance underwriting and capital advance programs. IPG is responsible for ensuring that the contract manager and inspectors are thoroughly familiar with all HUD programs and procedures as they apply to the duties of the HUD representative and that they remain abreast of all changes to applicable handbooks, publications, and forms.

Single Family Property Inspections

IPG also provides Single Family Property Inspection (SPCI) services, which are required at various points in the mortgage servicing process, including upon delinquency, in foreclosure, and while managing and disposing of real estate owned inventory. These inspections determine the overall condition of the property, security of the house, occupancy status, maintenance and capital repair requirements, neighborhood conformity, and other related information.

IPG uses a team of licensed, qualified inspectors to perform SPCI services, verifying the following: all driveways/walkways prevent damage to person or property; electrical safety receptacle covers are provided and secured, outlets and breaker boxes are correctly wired with no gaps or missing covers; proper maintenance of any air conditioning and heating units; exterior doors have a doorknob lock or keyed dead bolt and a keyless bolting device and door viewer; open exterior light sockets are properly covered or have exterior light bulbs installed in the socket; damaged plumbing, leaking faucets, pipes, or irrigation leaks causing standing water, faulty sewer lines, etc. are repaired; water heaters are properly installed and maintained; roof coverings are maintained free of defects, with any broken or missing shingles replaced; no accumulation of standing water, no trash, debris, or mold; all walking paths to all exits are clear; pest extermination as needed; no holes or gaps in interior walls and ceilings, including under sinks where pipes enter the walls; smoke alarms are tested to be operational; all stairs, sidewalks, handrails, guardrails are secured, without any tripping hazards, free from debris; roof, patios, supports, walkways, walls, soffits, eaves, stairways, and foundations are structurally sound; no rust and deterioration on any exterior surfaces; all windows are weather sealed, with any cracked or broken windows replaced, and all must be operational with have screens and an approved window latch/locking devices; lawn and fence are maintained.