"IPG has dedicated individuals who are committed and trained to provide quality services with ethics, honesty and perseverance"



VISON:  To provide unsurpassed services to government and private agencies, while maximizing value and diminishing stress to our clients.  Interstate Professional Group Inc. is committed to building a strong platform based on Ethics, Honesty, and Perseverance.       

Satisfied Clients

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth

Texas A&M University, Texas Division of Emergency Management

Texas General Land Commission

The Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta

ShoWorks Incorporated United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Cedar Chest Antiques Dallas Baptist University Safety for Children Foundation

Startech Security Services Reach Out Home Health Care Centers Metro Foam Recycling

Vendor Resource Management

What do our clients say about Interstate Professional Group’s Staff and Professional Personnel?

  • “Contractor’s quality control program was thorough, responsive and representatives communicated in a concise, professional manner.” — James, USACE
  • “IPG is knowledgeable and skilled.  Inspection services are provided in accord with the contract.  They meet or exceed the technical and professional standards.  IPG consistently provides a high quality of service, which greatly benefits the Kansas City Multifamily Hub.” — Leroy, HUD
  • “The contractor has demonstrated an outstanding performance level that justifies adding a point to the score.  It is expected that this rating will be used in those rare circumstances where contractor performance clearly exceeds the performance levels described as ‘Excellent’.”  — Cathy, HUD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do to increase the amount of business you do with us?2017-08-08T18:09:55+00:00

Continue to provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

Communication: How often do you hear from IPG?2023-08-28T13:08:10+00:00

IPG’s administrative staff and team members communicate with our agency on a regular basis and as needed when circumstances require immediate attention.


Are there any special times of year when you anticipate needing IPG products/services more than others?2017-08-08T18:09:06+00:00

Construction offers special problems due to weather (tornado, hurricanes, and floods), builder’s staffing and financial delays.  As such, extra inspections would be required to protect not only the Government’s interest but the interest of the invested builders and the eventual residents of the building.  We monitor Health Facilities which are built at any time though out the year.

Marketing materials: Do our marketing materials appropriately explain what our company does? Do they encourage you to make a purchase?2017-08-08T18:08:37+00:00

Yes.  Activity in the SAMS system is critical and must be updated on a regular basis.

Timing: How responsive are we to your needs?2023-08-28T13:07:55+00:00

IPG works closely with our agency representatives to resolve situations and will often bring resolutions to the table for discussion in a timely manner.

Location: Is the location of our business a positive or a negative factor for you?2017-08-08T18:06:25+00:00

Although IPG is located in Texas Kaylyn Scott, President and Owner, coordinates meetings on a regular basis with management at federal facilities in Washington DC to discuss the performance of all contracts.

Why does your agency do business with IPG and what does IPG do that others do not?2023-08-28T13:09:26+00:00

IPG has provided outstanding services in a timely manner with professionalism.  Their management of contracts and purchase orders has shown consistent, outstanding performances (especially in difficult property locations). IPG presents the best value for the statement of work with a performance record that exceeds government standards. IPG is unique for a combination of reasons including but not limited to *extensive government contracting experience * customized solutions for our agency * exceptional customer service and finally their demonstrated * loyalty.


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