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General Statement

Interstate Professional Group Inc, along with well-trained application crews provide a program based on a unique anitmicrobial technology which effectively controls a broad range of bacteria including but not limited to mold, mildew, stains, orders, fungi, algae, staph HINI, swine flu and others. All crews have successfully completed an extensive thermo imaging testing and certification of ISA 2001-2002 at the EPA chemical facility.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

IPG assures that the chemicals applied are non toxic and biodegradable which is safe and once applied continues to protect humans from various health risks. If a shirt was treated with this chemical the molecule would actually break down to carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and silicon dioxide (sand or quartz).

Industry’s That Should Consider This Service and Why

Mold and microbial growth in nursing homes, schools, ships, planes, prisons, library’s, universities, locker rooms, day care centers, single family and multifamily construction projects has caused illness and in some cases buildings to be closed for costly repairs.

Health and Environment Benefits

Our aegis microbe shield provides a cost effective solution. It acts as a one step disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum bacteria including HIVI. HBV, HCV, stash, food poisoning, mold, and mildew.
It inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and disease causing bacteria on contact. Although we do an extensive case study before accepting any project, we are scientifically confident that when applied on environmental, inanimate or hard surfaces, it will kill the bacteria that causes herpes simplex 2, and the hepatitis B virus.

Why This Product Last Longer Than Average

The unique organosilane quaternary compound consists of a long molecular chain (picture a sword) that has as its base a permanent bonding property. This permanently bonded “sword” protrudes from the surface where it is stands ready to protect the surface from microbial contamination. When the microorganism comes in contact with the sword, the membrane is punctured. Similar to that happens when a highly inflated balloon comes into contact with a tack. Because this product is not consumed and does not dissipate, the antimicrobial is not depleted. It is a physical control, not a chemical control.

In this tough economy, many builders are splitting their focus between new construction and remodeling to make ends meet, so mold can mean a boatload of headaches or a way to make extra money, depending on your situation.

To stop mold from developing in new structures, we can treat the “bones” of the building during rough in and the finished interior just before occupancy. This one-two punch keeps mold and mildew from getting a foothold behind the walls and inside the living spaces while actively freshening indoor air. How?

The “ GamePlan® System featuring Aegis Microbe Shield® technology – developed by DOW-CORNING® – creates an invisible, microscopic barrier that penetrates the tiniest crevices and ensures that every side of each surface is uniformly covered. This eco-friendly barrier functions mechanically – not chemically like most mold treatments – so its power doesn’t fade away over time. It keeps on working, 24/7, fighting mold, mildew and airborne contaminants that cause odors month after month, year after year. In fact, we back treated new construction with our exclusive, 1 YEAR ABATEMENT WARRANTY.

When remodeling jobs call for remediation, our mold specialists use cutting edge technology – such as thermal imaging equipment – that lets us demo only what’s necessary and leave the rest intact, saving money, man-hours and clean-up.

PROFITABLE ADD-ON FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION – Homeowners will pay extra if their house is guaranteed against mold and mildew!
TIME AND MONEY SAVER FOR REMODELING JOBS – Less demolition = fewer hours, smaller crews and more money in your pocket!
PROTECT YOUR REPUTATIONAvoid the nightmare of mold issues in new homes – the irate owners, lost sales, bad publicity and potential lawsuits!
MAKE YOUR COMPANY STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION – Offer a service that other builders can’t match – and make big profits doing it!
TREAT BASEMENTS AND CRAWL SPACES – Customers want basements and crawl spaces that are fresh smelling and free of unsightly, dangerous mold!
RENOVATE FORECLOSURES – Abate or remediate mold in vacated houses and tap into profitable renovation projects.

Together our team of experts are AUTHORIZED PROVIDER OF THE

Public transportation systems are an efficient way to move large numbers of people from one point to another. Unfortunately, they are also an efficient way to concentrate and transmit large amounts of disease causing bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and allergens to passengers and staff. In this age of pandemics.

Recent studies have shown that many types of bacteria and viruses can survive on surfaces – such as seats, fare boxes, handrails and window frames – for days and even months. (1)Normal cleaning procedures are fine for removing obvious dirt, but fail miserably at dealing with disease causing germs, for two important reasons:

(1) Even freshly disinfected surfaces are subject to re-contamination within moments, meaning they are “clean” for a very short time, at best.
(2) Germs are invisible, so you can never really be sure that your cleaning crew got them all.

Our system acts as a backup for your standard cleaning procedures – a safety net that catches any germs that get past your frontline defenses. So even if your cleaning crew misses a spot, we’ve got you covered.


We can transform the interiors of buses, trains, trolleys or ferries into an ongoing, biological barrier that fights bacteria, viruses, odors and allergens and continues working week after week, month after month.

Our EPA registered and FDA approved technology is environmentally safe and has been proven effective through more than thirty years of use. Aside from inhibiting the growth of bacteria on surfaces, our protective shield reduces airborne contaminants, improving air quality and eliminating odors.


How safe is our process?

  • Safe enough to be used by the Transportation Safety Administration as a coating for mats in airport security screening areas.
  • Safe enough to be chosen to protect pharmaceutical clean rooms for a major drug manufacturer.
  • Safe enough that NASA has approved our active molecule for use inside our astronauts’ space suits.

In fact, the largest U.S. airline specifies the use of our technology in all of their aircraft.

How does it work? Creating a uniform, molecular coating that bonds to every surface, Antimicrobial with Aegis Microbe Shield Technology uses a unique, electro-mechanical action to pull microbes out of the air and impale them on its interlocking network of microscopic spikes. These tiny spikes contain a minute electrical charge that bursts the organisms, like a pin popping a balloon. Since this action is mechanical instead of chemical, the efficacy of the coating does not diminish – it continues protecting your passengers and staff 24/7, for months on end.

We can also provide you with a complete line of safe, compatible cleaning products, private labeled to your specifications.
(1)    Dr. A. Kramer, Dr. I. Schwebke and Dr. G. Kampf, How Long Do Nosocomial Pathogens Persist on Inanimate Surfaces? A Systematic Review, BMC Infectious Diseases, 6:130; 2006
(2)    Dr. S. Russell, in an untitled abstract on the results of testing performed in poultry rearing facilities at the University of Georgia, 2009
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Assuming that you clean every surface in your restaurant every single day, you still have to ask yourself one question: What am I doing to fight germs the other 23 hours of the day?

The CDC estimates that as much as 80% of infectious disease is transmitted through touch. Additionally, it has been shown that many types of bacteria and viruses can exist on surfaces for weeks and even months. (1)

You are careful about maintaining a clean facility, but even frequent sanitizing falls far short of a solution, for two reasons:

  1. Freshly disinfected surfaces are subject to re-contamination within moments, meaning they are “clean” on a temporary basis, at best.
  2. Germs are invisible, so you can never really be sure that your cleaning crew got them all.

Until now, the options available to fight these problems were limited. You could choose from a number of different antimicrobial coatings, but all had drawbacks, such as those with:

  • Short-term effectiveness
  • Poisons or heavy metals, which can damage the central nervous system
  • A narrow spectrum of efficacy
  • Incompatibility with certain surfaces
  • Instability after repeated cleanings or when exposed to UV light
  • The tendency to promote adaptive strains of bacteria and viruses
As First Responders, your job is dangerous enough without having to worry about disease causing bacteria and viruses. Wouldn’t it be great to have a protective shield covering all of your equipment that would fight germs around the clock – even between cleanings – and would keep fighting them week after week, month after month?
Gone are the days when the worst thing you could pick up in the locker room was a bad case of athlete’s foot. Today, the media is filled with horror stories about players and staff acquiring debilitating strains of antibiotic-resistant Staph infections – most notably, MRSA – that can result in season-ending recoveries, amputation and even death.

This mutant pathogen is commonly transmitted from one athlete to another through the physical contact of sports. Alarmingly, however, recent studies – like the one conducted by Dr. Rishi Desai of the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles – demonstrate that bacteria such as MRSA can exist on the surfaces of equipment, in workout rooms and in shower facilities for more than two months. The data further shows that physical contact for as little as three seconds is all it takes to transmit MRSA to the skin.

No team can afford to have star players sidelined by illness. Some athletes are even filing lawsuits against their organization, claiming that failure to protect them from such infections constitutes negligence.

Keeping a clean facility is a good start, but by no means a solution. Even freshly disinfected surfaces are subject to recontamination almost instantly, rendering them “clean” on a temporary basis, at best. Also, to be effective at killing germs, most cleaners rely on poisonous chemicals – which themselves can contaminate with noxious fumes or by leaching into the surrounding environment. Worse, those germs not killed by the cleaning agents can develop future resistance to the same poison, making them even tougher to kill the next time. This is how so-called “super bugs” are created. There has simply never been a viable answer to these problems – until now.

Children are constantly exploring the world around them – touching, tasting and sharing anything that they find interesting. When kids are grouped together in a facility, germs such as staph, influenza, hepatitis A and E. coli can be transmitted from the surfaces of toys and playground equipment to little mouths and on to the next child with breathtaking speed. That is why more and more daycares, nurseries and Montessori schools are planning in advance to protect their children and staff.

The typical childcare facility presents numerous opportunities for the growth and spread of germs, by combining
·        Ample surfaces for bacteria to grow on
·        Large numbers of children who both contaminate – and are contaminated by – those surfaces