Property Preservation

Throughout the United States many cities and neighborhoods suffer from untended foreclosures that further depress existing low property values. For this reason, many local governments are passing legislation that requires REO owners to hire property preservation companies or be subject to fines. Interstate Professional Group, Inc. (IPG State) is a national Property Preservation or PP firm with extensive experience working with REO owners to not only avoid penalties and fine, but also to maintain the continued marketability of the foreclosed properties.

Why is Property Preservation Needed?

  • Restore properties to marketable shape quickly and efficiently
  • Critical to the recovery and growth of the US housing economy
  • Maximizes the value of the property
  • Leverages trusted network of service providers to address safety, security and sanitary issues in REOs
  • Builds long-term relationships with mortgage servicers, banks, and the real estate & REO industry based upon trust and integrity
  • Increases turn times to maintain profitability to brokers, banks and other institutions.

Services IPG Provides:

  • Property Inspection
  • Property Securing
  • Janitorial Services
  • Trash Outs & Debris removal
  • Rekey to all keyed alike
  • Lawn Care
  • Repair & Remodeling
  • Property Maintenance (weekly / biweekly)
  • Cash for Keys & Negotiations (C.F.K.)
  • Sheriff Lockout & Evictions
  • Boarding & Securing
  • Pool Securing
  • Mold Detection & Removal
  • Property Rehabilitation
  • Bids within 24 Hours
  • Before & After Photos of Work

Here at Interstate Professional Group, our mission is to provide unsurpassed property preservation services on behalf of government and private agencies while maximizing value and diminishing losses to the lien holder. Our property preservation efforts ensure that properties are safe, sanitary, and secure. We combine property preservation services with a strong contract management/administration methodology and quality control/assurance program focused on clear, frequent communication, a commitment to continual improvement and error reduction, and consistently striving to achieve high performance ratings.

If your government or private agency requires property preservation for REO assets, contact the experienced team of professionals at Interstate Professional Group. IPG State will partner with you to develop a strategy to avoid fines, preserve your property, and maximize its value.