Single Family Property Inspections

With years of experience working with REO owners, Interstate Professional Group provides comprehensive Single Family Property Inspections (SPCI) services.  Inspections are required at various points in the mortgage servicing process, including upon delinquency, in foreclosure, and while managing and disposing of real estate owned inventory. These inspections determine the overall condition of the property, security of the house, occupancy status, maintenance and capital repair requirements, neighborhood conformity, and other related information.

IPG uses a team of licensed, qualified inspectors to perform its Single Family Property Inspections, verifying the following: all driveways/walkways prevent damage to person or property; electrical safety receptacle covers are provided and secured, outlets and breaker boxes are correctly wired with no gaps or missing covers; proper maintenance of any air conditioning and heating units; exterior doors have a doorknob lock or keyed dead bolt and a keyless bolting device and door viewer; open exterior light sockets are properly covered or have exterior light bulbs installed in the socket; damaged plumbing, leaking faucets, pipes, or irrigation leaks causing standing water, faulty sewer lines, etc. are repaired; water heaters are properly installed and maintained; roof coverings are maintained free of defects, with any broken or missing shingles replaced; no accumulation of standing water, no trash, debris, or mold; all walking paths to all exits are clear; pest extermination as needed; no holes or gaps in interior walls and ceilings, including under sinks where pipes enter the walls; smoke alarms are tested to be operational; all stairs, sidewalks, handrails, guardrails are secured, without any tripping hazards, free from debris; roof, patios, supports, walkways, walls, soffits, eaves, stairways, and foundations are structurally sound; no rust and deterioration on any exterior surfaces; all windows are weather sealed, with any cracked or broken windows replaced, and all must be operational with have screens and an approved window latch/locking devices; lawn and fence are maintained.

For more information on our Single Family Property Inspection (SPCI) services, call or contact Interstate Professional Group. Our team of inspection experts will gladly answer all of your questions and develop an inspection solution to meet all of your Single Family Property Inspection needs.